A Clockwork Orange Movie Poster


 Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, found imagery

 I was tasked with redesigning a movie poster. I chose to redesign the poster for Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange because I wanted to challenge myself by creating something unique, compelling, and uniting for an incredibly famous and haunting story that is represented in multiple mediums (i.e. book and film). Kubrick's film in particular came to my mind immediately as a subject because the original film poster only showcases the main characters and some smaller elements of the work and does not convey much about the story itself which is largely based in allegory.


A Clockwork Orange, to me, is a cautionary tale about what happens to society when war and government control it. I wanted to zero in and exploit the key mechanisms and substance of control that they story conveys, which is the ultra violent milk and governmental methods of control (i.e. the hypnotic scenes of Alex's torture).  Via showcasing milk and vibrating typography, I wanted to convey not only the key substance of the film, but also the stark and hypnotic methods and themes conveyed. All the while, it was of paramount importance (to me) to unite the film's poster with the tradition of psychedelic covers of the book. I the end, I chose to marry the art direction of the film (which used mostly black and white with occasional pops of color seen in the Korova Milk Bar) with the psychedelia of the covers to create this union.


Extensive research and multiple iterations (approximately 38 versions) were made before deciding on the final poster. Below please find examples of some of those iterations, thumbnail ideation, and pages of the visual research that went into the development of this poster. 

Original Posters

Excerpted pages from visual research

Examples of initial thumbnail sketches and ideation. A number of ideas were tried and tested before I set on my idea of combining the art direction of the film with the psychedelia of the covers to exemplify the mechanisms of control of the film.

Examples of trial poster ideas.

Final poster