"Alleyway" Site-Specific Abstraction


photography, illustration,  Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign,

This project was centered around creating a site-specific abstraction that, in its final form, would be a book. I chose to focus on the alleyway behind my building. Alleyways are such a quintessential part of Los Angeles. They are the secret veins that connect the quiet spaces between all the movement and friction of the city (cars, homes, boulevards, stores, garbage cans, palm trees, power-lines, cats, etc.). They hold little pieces and gems that are representative of the city in its entirety yet they're often forgotten, avoided, or used only as a means of pure utility. Methodologically, this project was executed via a process of gathering images, creating sketches, site-specific objects (i.e. trash), over several weeks. After all items were gathered, several collages were made and re-arranged and then layers with type and lyrics from from the Kinks "Celluloid Heroes," a song about the forgotten stars of LA. The individual pages (in order) are shown below, as are mediocre photos of the book itself.