Beach House Album Cover Redesign


 Illustrator, Photoshop, found imagery

I have always loved Beach House's music; their dreamy melodies combined with their deeply thoughtful lyrics/poetry create beautiful pieces of music that enchant and captivate.  So for this project, it was of paramount importance to me that I create a cohesive design that emulates their music in its entirety. 

I decided to redesign their first namesake album for this assignment because I saw an opportunity to make it work with their other album covers (that are often very simple and elegant in their use of color, pattern, and type) and to truly visually represent their music. I chose the image of pearls for the album's cover to pay homage to the original album cover (below) and the interior image of shucked oyster shells (about to be ground up to pave a road) to not only connect the two separate areas, but to articulate the meaning of work. Via opening the album to reveal the oyster shells, the user is doing the same action but in reverse of what the oyster and pearl underwent. They are discovering the hard work, process, and arguably violent action that was necessary in order for the pearl (music) to come into existence. 

Please note that they type is meant to digitally mimic silver foil. When printed for prototyping, this type was painted in with silver to mimic this effect. This record is a four paneled album that holds two records. Thus, please note the the image exhibiting all panels put together is meant to intentionally have the interior oyster shells as upside-down, since this image is exhibiting how the entire record package would be printed for production and subsequent package assembley.

original album cover

 album cover redesign final

back of album cover redesign

interior record label examples 

record album interior redesign (two panels plus spine length)

final packaging print layout (spine included)