Book Jacket Series


 Photoshop, illustrator, found images, personal illustration

Tasked with redesigning the jackets of three books (one of which had to be 1984) and making them into a visual series, I knew I wanted to create a fresh take on historically significant works that had eerie parallels to the present that still payed homage to the books' origin. Thus, it seemed only appropriate that Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World be redesigned in addition. With the covers of these books, my goal was to combine abstracted illustration with imagery in order to create depth and visual intrigue that not only caught a viewers eye from afar (say, in a bookstore, if those even still exist) but grew as one examined the jacket more closely. 

I chose tried to communicate the central themes of the books in abstracted yet clear ways: I used the "mechanisms" of control of each respective book for the abstracted illustrations and chose to overlay them on their subjects (i.e. people). I wanted the viewer to move through multiple layers of understanding as they looked at the cover.

I wanted the rest of the book's jackets to be as intriguing as the cover while providing a break for the viewer's eyes and senses. I chose to keep the interior flaps as simple bold colors for this very reason. I knew the spines needed to stand out on a bookshelf so I chose to prioritize the bright color of the abstracted drawings against a stark white background. On the back of the book, I again wanted to again create a complex composition via simple methods: I used the front cover photos to create the texture of the simple, bold quotes that I believe articulate the main fears and messages of the respective works. 

Please note, the separate panels of the jacket are delineated with black lines for the purpose of clarity.

Below: alterate ideas and trials. I tried some other book titles and methods before honing in on the themes and ideas I wanted to visually exploit.