Brad's Organic Redesign


 Photoshop, illustrator, images labeled for reuse, personal illustration

wanted to redesign Brad's Organic Coconut Oil because I love the product and thought the label could stand out more. Brad's Organic is a trendy, small brand started by, you guessed it, a guy named Brad who wanted to create and sell ethically made nut butters, jams, and salsas. I knew his label had the potential to stand out against his competitors. From competitive research and personal experience I found that while coconut oil has a rich history or being useful to cooks and skincare-enthusiasts alike, it was recently "rediscovered" as an essential hip and natural product. Thus, I redesigned two versions of the label, one to pay tribute to the historical and antique heritage of the coconut and another to appeal to its trendy reinvention.

Brad's Organic original label