TaskRabbit Campaign Pitch

 2018; Ogilvy

 Photoshop, illustrator, illustration

For my internship project at Ogilvy, I was tasked with coming up with a series of campaign ideas for TaskRabbit, a current client. The main parameters I was given for my brainstorming and ideation were to create a diverse set of campaigns that were data driven, existed (mostly) in a digital space, and that exemplified TaskRabbit's corporate and social responsibility and community-centric drive to do good. Ultimately, my project culminated in a presentation that I gave to the creative and production teams I worked with.The majority of my campaigns are being pitched to the client later this upcoming quarter. Below is the presentation that I created for the creative and production teams. Please note that the mock-ups are meant to be mostly conceptual and for the purpose of quickly articulating the idea and are not for the purpose of final production/deliverables.