Tea Drops Rebranding 

Final Logo


Acrylic Ink, Pen, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Tea Drops is an organic and sustainable tea company that is reimagining how loose-leaf teas can be enjoyed on the go via their own process and recipes that press ground tea leaves into shapes that can be diffused in hot water (no tea bag, strainer, or hassle necessary). The founder prides her Shri Lankan and Chinese heritage along with the communal foundations of sharing a pot (or cup) of tea.


I wanted to rebrand Tea Drops because I loved it's groovy, new wave take on a beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. Methodologically, I executed this project by gathering and creating over 150 things (including colors, fonts, images, textures, drawings, paintings, etc.) that fit five concepts that I boiled (no pun intended) Tea Drops' brand down to: heritage/tradition, hip/fun, natural, calming/relaxing, and modern. After gathering and creating these things, I combined them to create a series of logos (which can be seen at the bottom of this page) before landing on the final set of logos.


The final set of logos is made out of a series of acrylic ink swatches I did with a circle that I drew superimposed on top. Please note, the fill of the circle and text is meant to represent silver foil. I decided to go with a system that could fit a series of logos because Tea Drops has several flavors of tea, so I wanted the logo to work for each flavor, thus making Tea Drops visual identity fluid and fun while still remaining true to the brand's system and messaging.  

Final Logo System

Flavor examples

packaging samples (recycled paper)

Company's original logos and branding

other logo trials

Examples of drawings and acrylic swatches I did to match the 5 concepts.