Time Crunch LA UX Design


 Photoshop, illustrator, images labeled for reuse, sketch, invision app,  Adobe XD, personal illustration

The idea for this app was born out of universal frustration with a common Los Angeles phenomenon: traffic. Originally, our value proposition wanted to combat traffic using only "green" forms of transportation such as the metro, city bikes, and people's own two feet. After conduction our competitive analysis and user research and interviews, asking questions about time, money, environmental sensitivity, and personal habits related to transportation (apps used, methods preferred, etc.) we made some important discoveries. First, people hate traffic and in particular having to plan their lives around it and figure out what's the best way to get where they are going. Second, there was a general frustration with not knowing how much time and/or money it was going to cost to get from point A to B. And third, users did not like the idea of using only the metro, bikes, and their feet.

Considering this feedback and data about apps usage we created user personas and narrowed down our target audience. We focused on two user groups: young working professionals ages 24-30 and students ages 18-23. We created our two personas Jordan, a 25 year old working  professional who wants to minimize time in traffic when he has free time, and Katie, an 19 year old college student with limited funds and little knowledge about LA. We created empathy maps, journey maps, story boards, and scenarios for these personas, and from there created wireframes and eventually final versions of the app. 

We created an intuitive, easy to use app that provides a clear comparison of time and price estimates between the user’s desired modes of transportation. Our app was developed with the prioritization of up-to-the-minute real time data input by the users themselves in order to give the most accurate traffic, time, and parking price estimates. https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/main#/console/9869659/210894714/preview