VESICA UX mobile app redesign 


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator

app icon trials

company's initial loading screen

VESICA is a new startup under the umbrella of JammyPack that specializes in the smart luggage & luxury travel space.  As the sole user experience and designer, I was assigned with redesigning the company's app that serves as a travel tool in conjunction with their smart luggage. The final product is not complete and due to copyright/privacy laws I am not at liberty to to show or discuss the entirety of the project. However, here are some of the screens I have designed. Please check back for a functioning prototype soon.


These screens were completed in just over a week. Because of the time limit and time I was brought onto the team, I used the company's original app design in the place of a wireframe.

loading screen redesign

coach mark screen examples

login screen redesigns

company's original "stats" screen

"stats" screen redesign. Please note the open squares a place holders for small maps that are not yet configured.

Profile screen redesign for user standpoint

Profile screen redesign for user-friend standpoint.

trips screen

contacts screen

edit profile screen

new profile screen

settings screen